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The idea of getting a henna or Mehndi design has been considered wild in our society inspite of the fact that it has been around for a long time. Mehndi and bridal henna art have been the medium for expressing one’s self. People have also started using tattoo to express their love for their dear ones. Most of the teenagers have found the idea of getting inked quite exhilarating and exciting. Tattoos have become quite a fashionable thing just like designer clothes. Henna and mehndi are like tattoo making and tattoo removing have given rise to a big, self sustaining industry. However, after the initial rush in which one gets inked, most of the people usually have regrets for getting tattooed. That is when one starts exploring various remedies to get rid of their tattoos. Out of all the available solutions, one may find that tattoo cover up is the most unconventional one. It is actually the method through which you get another tattoo made over the old one in such a way that it entirely covers up the old tattoo and then the old tattoo is not visible any more.
When do people go for this method?

Why Henna and Mehndi art is so popular in Indian subcontinent

Mehndi and henna art holds a lot of value in Indian subcontinent. They are very popular and have cultural significance during many festivals and more importantly during wedding. In today’s world of tattoo, everyday new bridal henna and mehndi designs are coming up and its add fun and popularity to the henna art. Marriage being one of the most important occasion in bride’s life, henna art has become a jewel for the soon to be brides. If you are looking for the popular henna artist in Mississauga then check out this affordable mehndi design website.
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Imagine another scenario with which most of the teenagers would be familiar. You got yourself tattooed for the first time, but in your hurry, you didn’t select a proper design. Now, you still want to sport a tattoo, but not the one you have on your arm already. Would you be willing to go through the entire tedious procedure of removal and then tattooing again? Imagine you just had a break up with your girlfriend whose name you had got tattooed on your arm. However you like being inked and still would like to have a cool tattoo design inked on your arm, would you want to go through the whole procedure of first removing the old tattoo and then getting tattooed again? Guess not.

The same thing happens when somebody gets a cool tattoo inked but soon after comes across a way too cooler tattoo design. Is then it worth it to go through all the pain of getting a tattoo removed and then get the better design inked? This is when a tattoo makeover or covering up comes to aid. You need not go through the entire tedious procedure to get the tattoo removed, when you have a short cut at hand. Let us take a look at the advantages that this method provides over traditional remedies.

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1. Economy
Tattoo cover up is a great alternative to the tattoo removal methods. It can greatly reduce the cost of getting rid of the old tattoo.

2. Time saving
A tattoo removal method usually requires more than a single session, and hence requires a lot of time. However tattoo makeover hardly requires much time.

3. An advantageous shortcut
If you wanted to get rid of the old tattoo, because you wanted to get a new one, then tattoo makeover provides you with a very practical shortcut over the otherwise long alternative of getting the tattoo first removed and then getting inked at the same place again.

4. No side-effects.
This is perhaps the best of all the advantages that tattoo makeover provides you with. There is no method of tattoo removal that is completely free from unwanted side effects. Every method, from laser tattoo removal, tattoo removal cream to Dermabrasion has the side effects of either rashes or in most cases it has the severe problem of scarring. However, a makeover tattoo has none of these disadvantages. No scars, no rashes and certainly no infections or pigmentation problems.

5. 100% Success rate
A makeover tattoo always succeeds in helping you get rid of the old tattoo, which is not the case with the traditional tattoo removal methods.


A method just cannot have all the pros and no cons. Even tattoo makeover has some limitations inspite of the fact that these are not harmful.

1. Tattoo location
It is obvious that a makeover tattoo has to be made at the same location as the old one and hence if you wanted to get tattooed at some different location, then it can’t work for you.

2. Size of the tattoo
The size of the makeover tattoo has to be larger than the old one to be able to completely overshadow it. Hence you will end up with a larger tattoo than you already had.

3. Dark color
The makeover tattoo, in order to overwrite the old tattoo has to be of a darker color, and hence is not convenient for those who might have preferred a light shaded tattoo. Hence it is evident that the tattoo cover up is a great technique to get a new tattoo and get rid of the old one at the same time. Inspite of its limitations it does not have any harmful effects and hence is an amazing alternative to other methods for tattoo removal.